Empowering staff

Staff can sometimes feel that they have to seek permission from the disability team before they offer certain support/information to disabled students. This section is designed to empower staff so they feel able to support disabled students without needing to consult disability staff.  

If you are not sure what support a student needs, then be guided by asking them. Two people with the same disability may need different support. Therefore, if you want to empower yourself as a staff member, ask the students themselves and use this knowledge to best support them.  

Respond sensitively if a student discloses a disability, mental health condition or long-term health condition. Reassure the individual that support is available to help them succeed in their studies.  

Most HE provider websites provide information and advice for disabled students, and those with mental health conditions, long-term illnesses, and learning differences (including neurodiversity). This may include information about learning and assessment methods, support provided, and the contact details of the disability, mental health, and/or wellbeing support teams.