Tong Leadership Academy welcomes University of Bradford ambassadors for HE workshop

As part of Tong Leadership Academy’s Careers Focused Day, student ambassadors visited the school to deliver a HE workshop, providing students with information about Higher Education. This involved information about a variety of topics including HE routes, social aspects such as clubs/societies as well as opportunities to gain experience abroad. This workshop encouraged the students to think of Higher Education in a positive light and perhaps consider this as an option later.

Four groups of Year 11 students took part in the event, with the workshops being led and delivered by current student ambassadors from the University of Bradford.

The aim of the session was to show students the varied routes in to HE and also encourage the students to think of HE as an option after further study.

The feedback from the tutors were very positive, with one saying, “Today went really well. The ambassadors were great and interacted well with their groups.”

The ambassadors also gave positive feedback, explaining that they “enjoyed delivering the session and would like to do more workshops like this”.


Farhana Begum, Tong Leadership Academy