Go Higher aims to offer a range of opportunities to upskill and build confidence for staff who support young people with their progression. Our sessions are open to all teachers and advisors who work with and support young people across secondary schools and FE colleges, as well as additional careers provisions and other support services.

Our opportunities align with the academic year, covering topic areas such as reviewing personal statements and preparing students for admissions interviews, to equipping our attendees with current knowledge on apprenticeships, clearing and student finance. Alongside that we offer sessions which focus on personal and professional development, such as mentoring skills and presentation skills.

The majority of our sessions are virtual, and you can view upcoming sessions and register at the below links.

The Go Higher West Yorkshire CPD programme is funded by the Uni Connect programme and offers a range of opportunities for teachers and advisors to develop their knowledge on post 16 and post 18 progression routes as well as develop skills to allow them to excel in the workplace.

We strive to continuously improve our CPD offer. If you have engaged with our CPD programme and wish to leave any comments or feedback, please get in touch

Upcoming CPD Opportunities

Wednesday 4th October: Go Higher West Yorkshire Attainment Raising Dissemination Event. 14:30-16:30

The academic year 2022- 2023 saw the introduction of attainment raising as a key focus for the Uni Connect programme. Following a gap analysis with schools, GHWY developed a coherent, evidence based and strategic approach to the delivery of attainment raising. Our programme aims to improve the academic attainment and progress of year 8-10 pupils that are underrepresented in higher education by working on their metacognitive skills.

The Uni Connect programme working across West Yorkshire has piloted an attainment raising programme in five schools across the academic year 2022-23, and the team are excited to share their overview of the programme as well as the key outcomes, as part of our Dissemination event on 4th October 2023.

We welcome teachers, trainee teachers and practitioners working with young people aged 12-16 who wish to develop their knowledge around metacognition and its links with attainment raising, as well as find out more about our development of the programme and key outcomes.



Teacher Training Opportunity: Support on delivering this in your own institution

Following the session, if you wish to explore delivering the programme yourself in your own educational setting, you can register for our ‘Attainment Raising Delivery for Teachers’ CPD session on Wednesday 18th October, 9:00 – 13:00, in person at a Leeds City Centre location (tbc).

Please register for this session, here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/668176743627

Tuesday 10th October: Supporting Learners with Personal Statements. 3-4pm

This session will enable teachers and advisers to effectively support students with the UCAS personal statement writing process.

The session will look at some the basics of structuring statements and will also examine some of the academic research which has been carried out to establish the characteristics of the most successful statements.

Attendees will learn how personal statements are used by universities in the decision making process and will be shown how they can make sure their students have the competitive edge. Examples of more and less effective statements will be provided and these will be compared and contrasted.


Wednesday 18th October: Go Higher West Yorkshire - Attainment Raising Delivery for Teachers

Following our Attainment Raising Dissemination Event on 4th October, this session will focus on how the Go Higher West Yorkshire, Uni Connect Attainment Raising Programme, can be delivered in school settings.

This session is designed for teachers and practitioners who wish to deliver the programme themselves in their own school setting. The GHWY attainment raising programme has been designed for Year Groups 8- 10, but can also be applied to other year groups.

We’ll cover in depth, each of the five workshops which make up the programme, as well as focus on tips and techniques for successful delivery of the programme in the classroom.


Thursday 19th October: Updates on the UCAS Referencing Process. 3-4pm

UCAS has recently changed the reference writing process. Instead of submitting a single piece of prose, referees must now provide responses in three different sections.

In this CPD session, delivered by Advancing Access, you will learn how to write references in the new format and will gain insights into what more selective universities in particular are looking for from the new reference.


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