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We have all the practical advice, guidance and resources you need to help you help young people get on the path to attaining a higher education place. The information and links found here will enlighten students and learners on the ins and outs of higher education, inform their choices about courses and careers, and guide them through the application process. This includes the OfS Uni Connect Programme – helping schools and colleges access the higher education outreach they need.

  • OfS Uni Connect

    Our Higher Education outreach information and signposting service for schools and colleges, which is part of the OfS Uni Connect Programme that offers impartial advice and guidance on colleges and universities.

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  • Employability essentials

    These multimedia resources will help you engender in young people a better understanding of employability, including how to maximise it, the requisite skills, and how to approach it with pride and confidence.

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  • Collaborative taster days

    Explore introductions to multiple subject-specific insights, including overviews of the sectors and related careers, developed within our partnership and with input from local employers and other specialists in these fields.

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  • Supporting care leavers

    A condensed view of all the support offered by our higher education providers, including an innovative training programme designed to empower people who influence young people currently or previously in care (or transitioning out of care) to help young people make informed higher education decisions.

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  • Young Carers Go Higher

    If you are a young carer, find all the information you need to prepare you for higher education at each of our 13 partner institutions, including financial and well-being, to how to present your situation when applying.

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    Support for teachers and advisers of students with English as an Additional Language, to help them better understand the possible pathways through their education journey. Resources are available in multiple languages.

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All the resources to help you empower students to make informed higher education decisions, including helpful links.

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