Students & Learners

Helping you make informed decisions about Higher Education

Considering whether to pursue Higher Education qualifications might feel difficult, especially for people from underrepresented groups, who have multiple structural hurdles to overcome. Go Higher West Yorkshire is here to help make that process less difficult, by providing clear and logical knowledge, advice and support– so you can approach this with confidence and a strong level of understanding of what’s involved, what it will be like, and how you can benefit now and into the future.

About Higher Education

Everything you need to know if you are considering attending a Higher Education institution in West Yorkshire.

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Student life

Find out what it is like living as a student, including advice and guides on course choice, finance and accommodation.

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Student & learners resources

Click here for resources inducing student stories, information, webinars, podcasts, key downloads and useful links.

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Adult Learners

Click here for resources and information about studying higher education as a mature learner.

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