Appleton Academy hosts the Cambridge Roadshow

Students from Appleton Academy attended an informative talk delivered by current Cambridge University undergraduates when they hosted the Cambridge Roadshow.  

The roadshow is an opportunity that Queens’ College offers every academic year to schools across the country. It involves a group of current Cambridge University students visiting schools to give talks about student life at Cambridge. This gives attendees accurate knowledge about studying at Cambridge, as well as encouraging them to apply. 

The four Cambridge students delivered a ‘great and fun’ presentation that addressed concerns about the Higher Education (HE) application process, what it is like to study at one of the world’s best universities, and systematic barriers where students may not feel like HE is an appropriate option for them. They also gave time for questions and informal conversation with the 15 attendees from Year 10. 

Charlotte Armstrong, the Schools Liaison Officer for Queens’ College, said: “[We] tend to find that students react very positively to Roadshows, as it gives them an opportunity to put a human face to the concept of Cambridge University and helps them to aspire to attending in the future.” 

Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) Uni Connect Progression Officer James Davidson believes that students at Appleton Academy were inspired by the event. He said: “Awareness has been raised among this group about the ways to overcome some of the challenges around applying to Cambridge.”  

James has had students follow up on the event with requests for one-to-one mentoring sessions to better prepare themselves for applications and their academic future. Not only has this event allowed students to discover HE options but they will now be moving forward and actively doing HE research, preparation and personal development. 

The positive impact on learners and the longer-term interactions with students that will be forged because of this event highlight some of the excellent work that the Uni Connect project conducts for students from all backgrounds and with the very highest of aspirations.  

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If you have any specific enquiries about the Roadshow, please contact James Davidson at or Queens’ College at 


Jake Jackson, GHWY Uni Connect Outreach Officer, Kirklees College