Appleton Academy students get financial advice from former Barclays Bank CEO

A select group of Year 10 students at Appleton Academy had a unique opportunity this term to learn about student finance from former CEO of Barclays Bank Peter Harvey. Peter enjoyed a 34-year career at the bank and rose to become CEO of the corporate/commercial bank and Vice-Chair of UK banking before retiring from the bank in 2008.

Students enjoyed a number of monthly sessions, where they were able to find out more information about financial repayments after university and salary thresholds. The overall aim of the scheme was to outline the affordability of university study, looking more widely at the costs and looking past the tuition fees.

Students have particularly enjoyed discussing basic finance such as opening bank accounts, investing, and making sense of what needs to be paid and when. One highlight of these sessions is that Peter makes a real money transfer from an account specially set up for use in schools. All students who are interested in pursuing HE study say the sessions are very detailed and informative, and students have been keen to keep coming back to the sessions and finding out more!


James Davidson, Appleton Academy