Apprenticeship Developments at Bradford College

Bradford College is developing a number of higher level and degree level apprenticeships in Management and Leadership, Education and Health and Social Care. Delivery is through the apprenticeship division of City Training Services and through the University Centre at Bradford College.

One current development is the Social Work apprenticeship. As part of College’s commitment to the Bradford Social Work Teaching Partnership (BSWTP) we have developed a pathway for colleagues to achieve a social work qualification whilst being employed. Where formerly employers seconded people onto the programme there is now a more formal and structured pathway to gaining a social work qualification.

This apprenticeship has been integrated into the existing University of Bolton validated BA (Hons) Social Work degree that is both approved and monitored by the Health Care Professions Council.

One of the major strengths of the programme is the involvement of people that use services. Further, our work in this area has fostered a very strong working relationship with Bradford Local Authority who have seconded a practitioner to the college to teach and mentor undergraduates and newly qualified social workers, supporting  these colleagues through their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE).

The college has also delivered information workshops on higher level and degree apprenticeships to the local authority. These workshops have included information about the course and the End Point Assessment. These workshops have been very well attended and information well received and further workshops are planned.

We are pleased to say that the local authority intends to support eight colleagues through this apprenticeship route; with four colleagues from Children and Families Services and a further four from Adult Health and Social Care.

Brian Mitchell, Head of School Social Care and Community Practice, Bradford College

Further information

For further information on apprenticeship developments please contact:

Dr Naomi Sharples Dean of Higher Education

Nathan Kelly Head of Arts Science and Technology

Brian Mitchell Head of School Social Care and Community Practice