Bridging the Gap: Minsthorpe Community College welcomes exam-busting experts

Year 12 and 13 Students at Minsthorpe Community College enjoyed an engaging day of training on 13th September 2017 delivered in collaboration with external provider ‘Positively MAD’ and funded through NCOP.

Through a variety of exciting workshops, around 200 students developed a number of key skills including revision techniques, organisation and time management.

Developing these critical study techniques is aimed at supporting students to improve their KS5 results and progression into higher education, as well as equipping them with the essential study skills required to succeed in a higher education environment.

The sessions were a resounding success, with students leaving feeling a new sense of confidence and preparedness for their next steps. Attendees ‘loved the experience’, praising the ‘charismatic’ teachers as well as the use of visual representation to aid memory and the wealth of revision tips provided.

“The sessions were really engaging,” said one student. “They helped me to organise myself with both my usual homework and my revision. The mind maps especially will help me to remember key information and understand my work more clearly.”

This intervention forms part of a comprehensive programme of support Minsthorpe Community College are providing their NCOP eligible students to improve their progression and transition into higher education.