Calderdale College students launch “Home Pride” art project

Calderdale College’s Art and Design students have launched a new project called “Home Pride” which celebrates the local area through art.

Students are working collaboratively with Calderdale Libraries and Hargreaves Foundry to produce a number of art pieces, all of which promote Calderdale and West Yorkshire.

From these, a series of works will be selected to be transformed into large murals to be put into permanent display on the gates of Hargreaves Foundry. These works of art will be showcased later in the year at a gallery Event.

Hargreaves Foundry work closely with sculptor Anthony Gormley and are currently restoring the roof and gutters of The Palace of Westminster.

Throughout this project, students are working with the community to learn more about their hometown, and their potential future careers.

Inspirational speakers, masterclasses, tours and research have been funded through Go Higher West Yorkshire and form the basis of the project.

The students are working closely with the arts charity ACDC at Dean Clough, and local artists such as Hilly Fletcher, who previously graduated from the University Centre at Calderdale College.

So far we have completed the research stage of the project.  Students have visited the Calderdale Library to learn about research techniques, had inspirational speakers and working artists talk to them about how Halifax has inspired their work.  Students have also participated in a number of masterclasses and have learnt how important it to record their work in sketchbooks.

Students are currently working on their final designs and as an addition to the project, have produced some beautiful Calderdale inspired Christmas lanterns that they have been selling to raise money for a local charity.

Level 3 Year 2 students recently visited the Manchester Arts UCAS fair.  After the Christmas break we will return to the project and focus on progression with their studies and future careers.  Students will have a chance to talk with Student Ambassadors and participate in a few more masterclasses.  Once the wet winter weather improves a tour around Hargreaves Foundry will be arranged where they will meet with the design team before the final plans for the mural are put in place, so watch this space!

I look forward to bringing you more pictures from this exciting project.

Kirsty Sanderson, Kirklees College