Choices, choices…

Year 10 students at Immanuel College have been thinking about their post 18 options and choices in Go Higher activity sessions during their lunch times. In one activity the students sorted cards on possible options, for example choosing a university course, getting a job, taking a gap year, visiting university open days, etc and thought about when they had to make these choices. The students quickly realised that up to the age of 16 most of the decisions in their lives, such as which school to attend, were out of their hands. Post 16 and post 18 the choices are suddenly wide open!

Some feedback from the students included:

“My choices really start up at 16.”

“You can choose the order you do things like buying a house or studying at university.”

“You have the choice to continue to study after 18.”

“There is a lot of flexibility of choice.”

“Better jobs and careers give you more options.”

It’s great to see our students so engaged!


Joanne Welding, Immanuel College