Closing the distance at Immanuel College

Joanne Welding, Higher Education Progression Officer at Immanuel College, talks about the ‘Distances to University’ quiz undertaken my students throughout the school.

This half term at Immanuel College, we have been encouraging students to think ahead and begin to consider their future plans, with Friday form time focusing on careers. On Friday 23rd May, all form groups in Years 7-11 were encouraged to take part in a quiz all about the distances to various universities from Bradford. The quiz went down really well – as you can see from the following feedback from tutors!


Year 7

“The students really enjoyed guessing the distances to different universities, and many of them didn’t realise that travelling between destinations in the UK can be quite quick! We spent a bit of time discussing student loans too, and I think a few students were quite relieved to learn more about loans and understand Student Finance better. They absolutely loved the idea of being more independent – picking what they eat, when they go to bed, etc. A lot of our students are very ambitious so it was nice to show them how many places they could go to near or far away.”


Year 10

“Our Year 10 students particularly enjoyed the part of the quiz where they had to locate the university on the map, and they were really engaged when it linked to my own university experience. It opened up a discussion on halls of residence and finance which made some of them think about these things for the first time.”


Year 11

“The students in my form engaged well with the quiz.They liked the Q&A section at the beginning and they were surprised at how many universities (and how many students!) there are in the UK.”


At Immanuel College, we’re planning to build on these sessions with a future focus on university finance and experiences of current university students.