Cracking the case: students dive into the exciting world of crime solving

Forensic science took centre stage at Immanuel College’s Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) Day. The event, delivered by Think Forensic, aimed to introduce Year 12 learners to the principles and role of forensic science, CSI investigations and various types of evidence, through hands-on activities.  

After an introduction from Annie and Jane from Think Forensic, who shared their Higher Education and career journeys, learners were given an engaging overview of key aspects of Forensic Science including Lockard’s principle, the role of forensic science in solving crimes, and the role of CSIs. This laid the foundation for the exciting activities that followed.  

Learners then put their investigative skills to the test as they stepped into the shoes of CSIs to investigate a crime scene. The activity was a hit, igniting learners’ curiosity and unleashing their problem-solving abilities. They also had the chance to explore their own fingerprints using specialized tools, examine footwear impressions as a group, and analyse clothing fibres and hair samples under magnifiers. 

The event left a lasting impact on the students, with most of the students finding the experience both helpful and interesting. One learner shared, “It was enjoyable and fun. I liked the fingerprint session, so I’d like to keep forensic science as an option.”   

Although the event was designed for Criminology learners, all Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) Uni Connect learners in the year group were invited to attend, providing them with valuable insights into potential career paths. 

Think Forensic were impressed by the enthusiasm of the learners. One of their facilitators said it was a pleasure to share her experiences, and hopes the day inspired learners to explore science fields they may not have considered before.  

Similarly, teachers at Immanuel College were impressed by both the session and the learner engagement. One said: “It’s such an exciting area and it’s great to hear from experienced professionals rather than just seeing things on TV. It really helps bring learning to life by showing real world application, and it gets the learners thinking about careers.” 

Through engaging presentations, interactive activities, and expert insights, learners gained valuable knowledge about forensic science and its practical applications. The event fostered curiosity and empowered learners to consider new career paths. CSI Day proved to be an unforgettable experience for learners, partners, and teachers alike. 


Rebecca Asata, GHWY Uni Connect Outreach Officer, University of Huddersfield