Creating a greener future for your business  

From 2030 onwards, every new car sold in the UK will be electric or hybrid. Electric cars are undoubtedly the future of motoring and there are already more than one million plug-in electric cars registered for UK roads, with this number growing every day.   

Increasingly, homeowners and developers are looking for ways to become more energy efficient by moving from fossil fuels to green technologies. Businesses are also exploring how to reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs by recovering wasted heat from their industrial processes and redirecting it to heat other premises.  

In every area of our lives, green technologies are evermore becoming present – and this momentum has no signs of slowing down, as the UK gears up to reach its Net Zero target by 2050. In light of this, there has truly never been a greater time to start investing in green skills as a professional or within your business. 

Whether you are looking to future-proof your fleet, reheat your premises or learn new sustainable processes, the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group has a range of green skills courses designed to provide you or your business with the training and knowledge to seize the green revolution.  

Over 70 learners have already taken part in our first-of-its-kind Skills Bootcamp in the Principles of Carbon Capture and Storage, which has enabled them to develop the acquired skills and knowledge to operate this climate-saving technology – with many learners upskilling in their roles at companies such as Drax and Enfinium. This was recently recognised at the Yorkshire Learning Providers’ 20th Birthday Awards, with the programme being awarded the Best Skills Bootcamp Delivery accolade.  

In the coming months, we will be launching programmes in Heat Recovery Awareness, Heat Pump Technology and Installation and Solar Thermal Technology and Installation. Learners will be able are able to train on state-of-the-art training rigs which simulate heat recovery processes and applications and demonstrate real-world usage of this technology – enabling them to gain hands-on experience which they can apply out in the field.  

In response to the rising demand for green skills in the construction industry, we also offer a range of new qualifications in Installation and Maintenance of Heat Pump Systems, Fundamentals of Building Information, Implementation of Building Information Modelling and Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling Systems. These are just some areas where higher-technical skills will be required to implement green technology within construction, and these qualifications are designed to give learners the skills to operate the new and sustainable systems and processes. 

Our green skills offer also spans to electric and hybrid vehicle courses, which range from Level 1 to Level 4 and cover a variety of areas related to maintenance and repair of systems and components found in electric and hybrid vehicles.  

Going green goes beyond saving the planet; utilising green technology has multiple benefits for businesses, including increased productivity and profits, reduced waste and an enhanced reputation – and we can help you seize this opportunity with our range of green skills courses.  

Attend our upcoming Employer Event to find out more about how we can support you and your business goals. The event will be held on Friday, 22 March from 9am until 11am at Wakefield College, with networking opportunities and a hot breakfast sandwich or pastry for attendees. Register your place 

Find out more about the Group’s Green Skills courses, as well as how you can take part in the Group’s next Skills Bootcamp in Carbon Capture and Storage (starting on Friday, 1 March).


David White, Head of Regional Partnerships and Projects, Heart of Yorkshire Education Group