Digital Skills Podcast: Empowering students with online safety and professional images for future careers

In this special edition episode of the Uni Connect podcast, the hosts delve into a discussion about the significance of digital skills in today’s world. They are joined by guests Charlotte and Rebecca, who share their insights and expertise on the matter.

Charlotte, who works for the Uni Connect program, emphasises the broad scope of digital skills, encompassing anything related to online platforms and activities such as social media, search engines, and online application forms. She highlights their importance in higher education and future employment opportunities.

Rebecca, a client service director at PR agency ‘Definition’ who focuses on reputation management, provides a professional perspective on digital skills. Rebecca underscores the importance of professionalism in email communication and the ability to adapt to different client styles. Rebecca also discusses real life examples, emphasising the significance of maintaining an appropriate online presence acknowledging that employers often review social media profiles when considering job applicants.

This special edition episode explores the importance of digital skills in today’s world. It highlights the need for young people to be mindful of their online presence and the impact it can have on educational and employment opportunities. The speakers stress the significance of internet safety, cautiousness in online interactions, and thorough research when applying for jobs or seeking reliable information. They also provide advice for students to develop their digital skills and take advantage of available resources and support.

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With special thanks to ‘Definition Agency’