‘El Viejo Saloon’ at Bradford Academy

On 25th February, the first morning back after the half term break, Year 10 were well and truly thrown in at the deep end as they had the opportunity to watch a play performed entirely in Spanish.

2 native Spanish speakers from ‘Onatti Productions’ performed the hilariously entertaining ‘El Viejo Saloon’ a play about a saloon owners daughter organising a talent show to raise money. The play is specifically written to compliment Spanish language learning at secondary level, and included many familiar phrases and vocabulary as well as an introduction to new words.

This also gave students the chance to experience authentic colloquialisms and slang terms used by the native speakers.

There was also many opportunities for students to get involved, with some volunteers even taking the stage – even though students may not have understood every word that was spoken, they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture.



“It was a really lovely opportunity for the Y10’s to hear Spanish spoken by native speakers. The parts where they had to participate were good opportunities for the students to demonstrate their understanding. Hopefully they will have learnt “Dinero”!”

Meryl Burgess, Spanish Teacher at Bradford Academy


“I felt that the play was a huge success. The learners have had a very valuable experience of authentic target language in an informal atmosphere. They were entertained throughout and behaved appropriately.”

Keely Chaffe, Spanish Teacher at Bradford Academy