Enhanced Careers Guidance sessions at Wakefield College

Students from Wakefield College have benefited from Enhanced Careers Guidance sessions (ECG) that were run by Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) Uni Connect. 

Developed by Uni Connect Progression Officer Muzi Moyo, the sessions helped to support learners to make more informed and confident choices about their future pathways. They also gave participants the opportunity to discuss their skills, prospects, and to receive advice from industry professionals. 

Muzi delivered the sessions to 34 students from Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic groups. They met with him and local partners for one hour per week, over the course of five weeks. Students were able to register their interest to take part in career advisory meetings with him and Prospects, Wakefield Connexions.  

The sessions allowed space for conversations about all the possible Higher Education options available to students, not just the path they are currently on. This is something the students did not feel they had many opportunities to do.  

In addition, the ECGs introduced the students to extra careers support and information that is available, helped to raise their attainment levels, and increase their confidence around their futures. 

The sessions were extremely well received by the students. One said: “I know now what I want to study in university and which university I will go to. I also feel confident after they helped me update my CV.” Another said: ““It showed me how I was doing with my grades, and I could see what careers I could get with my current grades.” 


Research by GHWY has found that students who identify as being from a Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic background generally express high levels of motivation and engagement with education. However, they are impacted by negative experiences around discrimination, racism, and a lack of representation. Programmes such as the ECGs work towards counteracting these, specifically through representation and relatable careers staff/industry professionals.  

The ECG sessions were offered to Wakefield College students who would benefit from more ongoing support and guidance. It was important and extremely beneficial to sit down with them and look at their options going forward and support them to make an informed decision. 

The session complemented GHWY’s recently launched Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic groups toolkit. This e-resource is designed to identify any areas of support these learners may have and how these may be addressed. Read the toolkit.

Further information 

ECGs are a hugely successful strand of GHWY Uni Connect’s work. They can be delivered in various ways, ranging from long-term engagement with students to standalone drop-in sessions. 

Prospects helps to guide students and graduates to a bright future with career information, advice and opportunities. 


Jake Jackson, GHWY Uni Connect Outreach Officer, Kirklees College