Exploring healthcare careers: medical carousel for Elliott Hudson College students

Mid Yorks Trust, a renowned healthcare organisation, visited students at Elliot Hudson College for a medical/health carousel event on 21 June 2023.  

The event, organised by Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY), provided valuable insights and experiences to Year 12 students interested in pursuing careers in various aspects of health and medicine.  

It encompassed a range of activities throughout the day, offering students the opportunity to delve into dosage and injection procedures, infection control, patient scenarios, priority organization, and explore career options within the National Health Service (NHS). 

Aim of the event 

The primary objective of the medical carousel was to shed light on the multitude of career paths and specialisations available within the NHS. Individuals often associate healthcare solely with doctors and nurses, overlooking the diverse array of roles that contribute to the system.  

The event aimed to highlight lesser-known careers such as IT, patient services, and security. By showcasing these varied opportunities, the carousel aimed to inspire and motivate students to consider pursuing healthcare professions they may not have done previously. 

Engaging activities and expert guidance

Throughout the day, groups of students rotated through six different tasks, each designed to provide hands-on experiences and knowledge. Activities such as radiology, pathology, infection prevention, and burns care offered them a glimpse into the practical aspects of these professions.  

Expert professionals also shared their insights and experiences, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with their respective fields. 

Radiology and diagnostic imaging

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to explore radiology and diagnostic imaging. Students learned about the potential risks of X-rays for pregnant women and alternative imaging options.  

The consultant radiographer, Lisa, shared her personal journey and discussed the progression of the profession. Additionally, she emphasised the availability of apprenticeship pathways as an alternative to university education, providing students with debt-free options to enter the field. 

NHS career fair 

Another integral part of the carousel was the NHS career fair, which aimed to broaden students’ understanding of the numerous roles beyond doctors and nurses, emphasising the diversity and opportunities within the organisation. 

The recruitment team leader, Vicky, provided valuable guidance to help students identify their areas of interest within the vast range of careers offered by the NHS. From over 350 careers available, students learned about the application process, interview preparation, and the importance of highlighting transferable skills.  

Impact on students 

The medical carousel left a lasting impression on the participating Year 12 students.  

Fabia, a student passionate about healthcare, expressed her excitement about engaging in activities related to infection prevention. The event provided her with an opportunity to apply what she had learned in biology class, further fuelling her interest in the field.  

Mina, who is interested in chemistry and biology, found the carousel ‘enlightening’ as it introduced her to a wide range of healthcare careers she had not previously considered. 

The event was an enriching and eye-opening experience for students aspiring to pursue healthcare careers. By providing practical exposure, expert guidance, and insight into the diverse career paths within the NHS, it empowered students to make informed decisions about their future.  

Through initiatives such as the carousel, individuals gain a better understanding of the healthcare profession, develop essential skills, and discover the multitude of opportunities available to them. The event served as a stepping-stone towards a rewarding and fulfilling future into the healthcare industry. 


Leyan Elyas, GHWY Uni Connect Outreach Officer, Leeds Arts University