GHWY Weekly Challenge Update

Go Higher West Yorkshire’s Progression Officers recently launched a weekly challenge for students to engage in a positive activity during uncertain times. The challenge is designed to add a sense of purpose to students’ routines by providing a new challenge each week. GHWY’s challenge also includes the HE Provider of the week section, which encourages students to explore links to local Higher Education provision and begin to visualise their futures. A new challenge winner is announced each week- you can see the winners from Week 1 here:

Below are examples of students’ work over the last few weeks- we are extremely impressed by the high standard of submission and students’ creativity! Well done everyone!

Immanuel College

Progression Officer: Joanne Welding

Winners: Dilveen, Amelia, Christian, Jayden, Lottie, Toby, Sophie, Bianca

Dilveen (Year 7, Immanuel College) representing her future university city of choice in fancy dress. Can you guess the city?

Great art skills- some serious future Art Undergraduate potential here! (Amelia Chelem, Immanuel College)

Extremely impressed by students’ levels of creativity and recreation, great work Christian (Christian Vulpe, 7OT, Immanuel College)

Dilveen showcasing her recreation skills (Dilveen Kaur Sudle, Year 7, Immanuel College)

Great to see so many students engaging in the challenge and having fun! (Jayden, Immanuel College)

Awesome! Very professional approach here from Lottie (Lottie Cowley, Year 8, Immanuel College)

Some very impressive work from Toby (Toby Hall, Year 7, Immanuel College)

‘I recreated Roy Litchenstein’s pop art- Through the looking glass. I used face paint on my sister, a mirror and a red rug to create the red background’. (Sophie Year 8 Immanuel College)


GHWY Student Blog on Art Recreation Challenge

May 2020

I chose to recreate the painting by Frieda Kahlo that is known as “Self-portrait dedicated to Dr Eloesser” because it showed how the artist viewed herself on paper and how her passion for art reflected her thoughts and feelings.

Frieda inspires me because she felt that women did not need to be dictated to on how they should look or act. Also, that women are as priveleged as men to do whatever and look however they like. She showed this through her appearance and outgoing personality.

I used every day household items such as flower crowns and plants to recreate this image.

I have thought about doing art as a degree/career because I love to play around with abstract materials and colours. I feel that art lets me express my moods on paper.

However I would love to have a career in medicine because I have always enjoyed making people feel better, both physically or emotionally. I will go to university and study medicine so that I can help many people in the future.

Thank you for allowing me to show my love for art through this challenge…


Year 9, Immanuel College


Minsthorpe Community College

 Progression Officer: Amy Burton

Winners: Darcey Tanguay (year 10), Sophie Batemen (year 10), Samuel Glenny (Year 10)

Darcey (Year 10, Minsthorpe) demonstrating her amazing creative skills by recreating a piece of art she recreated was from an artist on Instagram. The drawing is a character from Darcey’s favourite film. Very impressive!

Sophie (Year 10, Minsthorpe) exploring career prospects in photography by demonstrating her research on the above poster, great work Sophie!

Sam really thought outside of the box here and made a necklace out of steel spoons to represent Sheffield, which of course used to have a huge steel industry and is sometimes nicknamed ‘The Steel City’. Sheffield is a city which has two well-established universities- The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. Massive congratulations on your win Samuel, looking super stylish as well!


De Lacy Academy

Progression Officer: Beverley Davis-Clegg

Winners: Kobi Mitchell

Kobi (De Lacy Academy) representing monk meditations and mindfulness in a very creative way- with a modern Star Wars twist!

Awesome creativity Kobi, well done!