GHWY Weekly HE Challenge

During these uncertain times it’s important to think creatively and engage students in activities that will enhance their purpose. Go Higher West Yorkshire’s Weekly Challenge was designed by one of our Progression Officers (Joanne Welding, Immanuel College) to encourage students to think about Higher Education in a fun and creative way. Each week, a new challenge is emailed home to students with a set theme. Students are asked to complete a weekly task and then research the HE Provider of the week; each week GHWY are signposting students to two GHWY HE provers to raise awareness around local provision.

Week 1 of the challenge has now taken place. The theme for the first week was art, and students were asked to recreate some of their favourite art-work. HE providers of the week were Leeds Arts University and Wakefield College (University Centre), with students being encouraged to research these institutions to potentially visualise themselves there in the future.

Check out the masterpieces below for Week 1’s GHWY Challenge winners!


Immanuel College (Bradford)

Week 1 Winner – Bianca

To keep in touch with Immanuel College Go Higher students during the COVID-19 lockdown I decided to set a weekly online challenge – some challenges are more fun than others, but all have a link to higher education and thinking about next steps.

Week 1’s challenge was to check out the Los Angeles Getty Museum’s website and recreate a favourite art work. Students had to use objects from around their home to create the pieces and send in the image. The results were of a really high standard, with the winner being a reproduction of a Frieda Kahlo self-portrait. Bianca, a Year 9 student, showed exceptional attention to detail in her entry.

The runners up for this week were Mollie in Year 9 and Todor in Year 10, both of whom chose Van Gogh as their artist to emulate.


De Lacy Academy (Wakefield)

Week 1 Winner – Kobi

De Lacy Academy launched the GHWY challenge to encourage our students to be creative and start thinking about Higher Education during the remote period. We were amazed by Kobi’s efforts here! A very creative recreations of monks during meditation with a modern twist- Star Wars! It’s great to see students engaging in this artistic task and considering their future options to find that next step in their journey.

Well done Kobi!