Go Higher in Healthcare – Immanuel College explores opportunities in the healthcare industry

Ever thought about the range of health care professionals one elderly lady would meet as a result of a fall and calling 999?

Dr Grace Roberts from the University of Leeds came along to Immanuel College to showcase to parents and students the range of careers and opportunities available in health care. It isn’t all just about being a doctor!

As we learnt about the care given to “Sally”, we found out about the work of paramedics, audiologists and cardiographers amongst others.

One parent explained what she found most useful.

“It was an informative evening. The most useful aspect of the evening was listening to the experiences of the speakers. Our main reason for being there was to find out about volunteering and work experience possibilities. Although, as we found out, it is difficult to gain experience in a hospital, the course leaders were extremely helpful in giving advice on other options and very encouraging toward both students and parents/carers.

Overall, the evening was informative and engaging. I think everybody learnt something new! I didn’t realise how many job opportunities there were in the NHS.”

After listening to the speakers and hearing about what universities look for in an application, my daughter is going to try find some work experience in a local nursery as she would like to become a midwife or PICU nurse.”

Another said, “The most interesting fact I learnt was that you can specialise in a certain area from the start of higher education if you know what career path you want to follow. It was also interesting to learn that there are graduate schemes in healthcare so that you can study whilst working.”

Joanne Welding, Go Higher (NCOP) Progression Officer

Immanuel college