Go Higher West Yorkshire helps launch ‘Marginal Gains’ Programme

On Thursday 15th March, we helped Leeds West Academy facilitate their ‘Marginal Gains’ programme with their Year 9 boys. Sean Dirrane from Cosmos Engagement Ltd lead the boys through a number of engaging activities, which focused on the ways that small changes can build up to make big improvements.

After stacking sugar cubes and transferring peas using only a straw, the students considered ways that they could make improvements on their performance. They then applied this strategy to areas of their own lives.

Later, the boys were challenged to work in teams to safely dispose of a ‘bomb’ and to carefully transport a ball around the room using a range of misshapen and damaged pipes.

Ms Collins, a teacher at Leeds West Academy added: “This two-hour event was used to launch a series of small workshops that the students will participate in over the next three months. We hope that the students can continue to apply the ‘marginal gains’ strategy to their own circumstance.”