Go Higher West Yorkshire’s CPD Programme: Empowering Teachers and Advisors for the Future

The education sector is constantly evolving, creating new demands and opportunities for teachers and advisors. Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) responds to these changing needs through a well-received programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

In this blog we explore our upcoming CPD offerings, highlighting their benefits for educators and advisors, as well as our past programme, which is still available to access as webinars.

The Benefits for Teachers and Advisors

Participating in our CPD programme offers numerous benefits for educators and advisors:

  • Enhanced knowledge and skills: These sessions provide educators with the latest information and strategies, enabling them to support students effectively in their academic and career paths.
  • Inclusivity and empathy in education: We recently ran a storytelling session that promoted a more inclusive educational approach, preparing students as responsible, empathetic global citizens.
  • Career guidance expertise: Sessions focusing on career paths and skills development equip educators with the necessary tools to guide students in a rapidly changing job market.
  • Community and networking: Our CPD programmes offer a platform for educators to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another, fostering a community of practice.

Participating in the Go Higher West Yorkshire CPD Programme has been a fantastic experience for me as a Progression Officer. It’s equipped me with invaluable skills and insights that are essential in guiding students through their educational journey. The programme’s comprehensive approach to professional development has not only enhanced my ability to support students in my school but also fostered a deeper understanding to the fantastic opportunities within higher education in West Yorkshire.

Go Higher West Yorkshire – Progression Office

Upcoming CPD Programme

Our upcoming CPD programme has a focus on contemporary educational needs. Highlights include:

  1. GHWY Attainment Raising Programme (30 January): Targeted at teachers, this session will provide an overview of our six-session programme designed to enhance student attainment.
  2. Understanding Careers in the Digital and IT Sector (27 February): A collaboration with West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), this session will offer insights into the Digital and IT sector, aiding educators in guiding students towards these career paths.

These free sessions, which will all be delivered online, can be booked in via our CPD website: https://gohigherwestyorks.ac.uk/resources/teachers-carers-advisors/cpd/


Previous CPD programmes – A Foundation for Success

We have a strong background in offering impactful, accessible CPD. Let’s take a glance at some of our previous offerings, which can be accessed via our website as webinars for ongoing learning:

  1. Harnessing Lived Experiences: Led by Syra Shakir (Leeds Trinity University), this session explores storytelling as a decolonized pedagogy, particularly in the context of the 1947 Partition of India. It’s a step towards more inclusive and empathetic education.
  2. Introduction to GHWY/WYCA Resources: This session aims to familiarise educators with a range of resources for skill development and career guidance, offered by WYCA Future Goals and GHWY.
  3. Alternative Routes into Healthcare:  This session – in collaboration with the University of Bradford, University of Leeds, and University of Huddersfield – offers insights into healthcare courses beyond medicine and dentistry. It is a valuable resource for educators seeking to guide students towards diverse healthcare paths.
  4. GHWY Attainment Raising Dissemination: Focusing on an attainment raising programme piloted in five schools, this session shares key outcomes and strategies, making it an essential resource for teachers aiming to enhance student performance.
  5. Updates on the UCAS Referencing Process: Presented by Advancing Access, this session delves into the new UCAS reference writing process, providing crucial guidance for teachers and advisors involved in university applications.
  6. Personal Statements with Advancing Access: This session equips educators with the skills to support students in crafting compelling UCAS personal statements.

These sessions have set a solid foundation for educators, enhancing their ability to guide and support students effectively and can be accessed as webinars via our CPD page.


Our CPD programme represents a commitment to the continuous development of educators and advisors. By participating in the sessions, educators not only enhance their skills but also contribute to shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for their students.

Stay tuned for these upcoming sessions by subscribing to our newsletter, and also leverage the available webinars to enrich your professional journey!