Helping young people to develop resilience

One of the key skills to develop as a young person is resilience. Defined as the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events, learners will need this skill throughout their educational and professional journey. 

Some learners will naturally develop resilience through life experience, whilst others may not have had the opportunity to discover it. In order to provide this opportunity, Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) Progression Officer Dan Kane invited Resilient Me into Castleford Academy to deliver workshops in resilience, accelerated learning, and personal development. 

The sessions were delivered to 279 year 11 students over the course of a day, with participants working through the workshop modules at a pace to suit them. The modules were designed to help participants recognise triggers that cause their own stress, and to find an affinity and understanding from people who have experienced, or who are experiencing, many of the things they are dealing with.

The programme was split into two sessions, the first focusing on creative skills and the second more academic practice.  

The creative session included methods for managing revision stresses and included meditation/breathing techniques. This approach allowed students to have physical engagement with the facilitators by mimicking examples of techniques and putting them into practice. 

The second session involved practical activity, such as a revision timetable and the use of mind maps. Students were given a worksheet to complete at their own pace, with input from the facilitator, encouraging them to draw on the new skills they had learnt. 

Academy staff commented on how the day had benefitted students, with the delivery playing a big part in how well it was received. The team was described as charismatic, with the sessions being well received by the students.  

Creative and interactive ways of engaging with learners can provide an opportunity for them to harness new skills and develop existing ones. GHWY continues to look to take advantage of these types of sessions, allowing students to make strides forwards without even realising the progress they are making.  


Victoria Joseph, GHWY Outreach Officer, Bradford College