How to get the answers you need when school is out

Once term has finished and the school gates are closed it’s easy to think that all of education is closed for the holidays too. Advice and guidance on your higher education choices can feel harder to access, particularly if you’re the first in your family aiming to attend university and aren’t exactly sure how everything works.

But don’t worry – you can still get all the advice and support you need directly from universities.

Whilst many of our students will return home over the Easter and summer holidays to get their washing done, the University of Bradford campus doesn’t close, and you can access all our advice services whenever you need them.

Our team work all year round to help prospective students figure out their application, their finances, their subject choices – and answer any questions about life at university and beyond.

In particular we work hard to dispel the myth that attending university is unattainable or that the university environment is like nothing you’ll have experienced before. We welcome potential students onto campus throughout the summer, so everyone is able to experience the university campus and talk to our staff and students about university life

We make sure our guests can get advice from people who were in their position just a couple of years ago – our students. Our student ambassadors act as ‘near-peer’ support to anyone who wants to know more about the university – both in and out of term time. Our ambassadors come from all different backgrounds, have different experiences on their journey to university, and will share their stories, give campus tours and even run sessions on university life.

Summer is the ideal time for you to come onto campus and see us in action. You won’t just be listening; you can get involved in hands-on sessions in our labs, studios and workshops. Recent visitors have enjoyed interactive workshops looking at film and games design, tested out our fantastic laboratory facilities in STEM sessions, and even taken part in mock trials at our School of Law.

There’s plenty else to explore if you want to broaden your horizons over the break – the Bradford Literature Festival offers discounted tickets for talks both on campus and across the city, and Cafe Scientifique sessions throughout the year offer a free opportunity to listen to our lecturers discuss fascinating scientific topics.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to campus this summer through – a dedicated Recruitment Officer is available to provide one-to-one support via phone or email, and the off-campus recruitment team are out and about providing community groups with individualised support.

All the help you need to help you need is just an email or phone call away. Don’t spend your holidays worried you’re missing something – get the answers you need so you can kick back and relax knowing your university journey is on track!


Beth Crossfield, University of Bradford