Ideas for using the APSG’s online collaborative working space 

APSG members will be aware that GHWY launched an online space, which is hosted through Basecamp, late last year. This is dedicated to collaborative working with and between group members. Its communicative functions, which are yet to be taken advantage of by members, can help to support: 

  • More communication/collaboration in between meetings 
  • Easier direct communications between group members/institutions – formal and informal 
  • More intuitive, flowing conversations reminiscent of a social media format 
  • Shared, secure access to useful documents and archived conversation. 

A brief summary of its key functions are outlined below, in order to give members some ideas and opportunity to communicate and collaborate more effectively on an everyday basis. 

Docs and files 

Documents available to view and download from this section include: 

  • Recent and archived meeting minutes, papers and presentations 
  • Strategy and policy documents (workstream-related strategy docs coming soon) 
  • Evidence summaries from the Research Analysis Forum (as they emerge) 

Chat around the campfire 

Post a short one-off message or alert that is generally for information only and does not directly seek contribution or action from others. This could include: 

  • A useful resource, link or sector news which may be of interest to others 
  • A short announcement of good news from your institution 
  • Link to relevant internal or external good practice or research 
  • Informal (but still professional) anecdotes/insights/reflections from the sector 

Message board 

This section allows members to start a discussion. You can post something more indepth and for others to comment and contribute to your post in a streamlined way. This could relate to: 

  • An idea/opportunity for collaborative working and/or a regional initiative  
  • A challenge you are experiencing in your institution 
  • Seeking insight about something you are thinking of trying in your institution
  • A policy or sectorrelated discussion 

Access the online space 

Click here to access the dedicated APSG space. It is recommended that you save it to your browser favourites and/or download the Basecamp app.   

If you have any difficulty with access, please contact Susan Darlington at