Immanuel College Go Higher visit to Huddersfield University

Date: 20th March 2019

Going to visit a university and meeting “real life” students has come out again as a huge plus in Immanuel College students’ feelings about their trip to the University of Huddersfield this week.

Twenty-eight Year 9 and 10 students went to Huddersfield University for the day and took part in activities such as jargon busting and designing a new university. The students were encouraged to think out of the box and they did! There was a University of Sleep and a University of Food, with the winner being the University of Travel and Tourism. Students at the winning university could fly between campuses based in locations such as Iceland and America!

In the evaluations at the end of the day Immanuel students said, “The student ambassadors were helpful with giving information and I now know more about what HE is and more about the university. The ambassadors were also very helpful, explained things well and provided good, detailed answers.”

Immanuel students felt that the most important things they got out of the day were the campus tour, seeing what happens at a university and getting more information about the different things to do at university.

Thank you again to Go Higher West Yorkshire for giving us this opportunity.

Joanne Welding

Go Higher West Yorkshire Progression Officer