Immanuel College: Year 13 thoughts on Go Higher West Yorkshire

Immanuel year 13 students are thinking hard now about their plans for next year and the vast majority have decided on a university route. I asked a few of the students about the Go Higher West Yorkshire project and recorded their answers. For Immanuel students, the experience of seeing a university first-hand is really important.

So over to the students…

The most helpful Go Higher event you have taken part in? Why?

“I found the university campus visits the most helpful. They helped me to have an idea of university life. This helped me to reach the decision that I wanted to go to university.”

“The visit to York University. It helped me to decide if I wanted to go to university.”

“The most helpful Go Higher session would be the personal meeting about university and my personal statement. This is because it helped me decide what to do with my future and it helped me improve my personal statement to the best of my ability.”


What makes you most excited when you think about yourself at university?

“Learning new things and meeting new people.”

“The various experiences and opportunities I will be able to have when I get to university – along with all the new information I will learn.”

“Being independent and increasing my knowledge on what I want in a future career.”


What two main benefits do you want to get out of university? Why are these factors important to you?

“I want to get a BA so I can have a career. I want to be independent so I can live in my own house.”

“I want to be able to gain more experience that can help me to be prepared for the working world.”

“I want to start a career through the knowledge I gained and to be happy with my success.”


What do you think are your biggest challenges ahead?

“Connecting with new people, seeing my family less, living independently and the amount of work involved in being at uni.”

“I think the biggest challenge will be keeping on top of my work while maintaining a good social life. I will try to manage my time well so I can keep up, whilst making sure I go out with friends.”

“If I decide to move away to a university I have applied for, that will be my biggest challenge as I would have to move away from my family and be a lot more independent.”


What made you decide on the university route post 18?

“With a degree I could get a well-paid job, as well as my desired career.”

“I need a BA!”

“When I got to see what a student life would be like I thought it would be a great experience. Also I want to be able to gain a degree to prepare myself for working in law.”


And finally…three words to describe Go Higher for you?

“Supportive, helpful, interesting.”

“Useful, supportive, provides more information on my options post 18.”

“Helpful, supportive, it opened my mind to other opportunities and choices.”


Joanne Welding

HEPO, Immanuel College


Go Higher West Yorkshire, working with The OfS Uni Connect Programme – Impartial advice and guidance on college and university