Jamie Peacock visits Titus Salt School

Inspiration is defined as, “the process of being mentallystimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” When Jamie Peacock MBE delivered an inspirational talk at Titus Salt School, it was evident the 250 students from Year 10 were engaging with his every word. 

Jamie is a former professional Rugby League player and international captain turned motivational coach. A well-known name in the area, given his West Yorkshire based roots and upbringing, he visited the school on Thursday, 4 May 2023. Thanks to funding from Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) Uni Connect, he delivered a talk designed to help students manage stress and raise their aspirations. 

In Year 10, students are faced with lots of information and choices about their future. Many are unsure about what they would like to do next, and some are not confident in their capabilities. The talk really encouraged them to dig deep and be prepared to go ‘that extra mile’. Jamie said: “Maximising my talent by being resilient, surrounding myself with the right people, being self-disciplined and being prepared, is what worked for me.” 

His delivery emphasised how success is about making good day-to-day decisions in all areas. This allows individuals to maximise their talent and gives them the chance of being successful in their chosen field.  

Speaking from experience, he asked, “How would you ever know a good day, if you never had a bad one?” This created thought-provoking considerations for the students to work through any negatives and use them as ‘fuel’. The tone of the delivery really saw the students’ perspective change. 

The talk received positive feedback from students and tutors alike. 

One Year 10 tutor said she thought Jamie was relevant, aware of his audience, and did a great job of making the talk about the students. She noted that he could relate to the students because he is a local personality who comes from humble beginnings.  

One student said: “It’s so cool Jamie Peacock is in our school!” Another one said: “I think the things he said, I can do.”   

When asked whether they thought they could use some of Jamie’s advice in their studies, several students confidently agreed. 

The visit was successful in engaging the students to think about the decisions and choices they now have, and giving them the motivation to go after whatever it is they want to do. The students and teachers were excited to discuss Jamie’s talk in their lessons following the assembly. 

Thanks to Jamie and Uni Connect progression staff at the school for arranging the opportunity for Year 10 students. 


Victoria Joseph, GHWY Uni Connect Progression Officer, Bradford College