Listening and supporting young people in South Leeds

Inner South Youth Committee Consultation

30th January 2018, Elland Road, 3pm-4.30pm

At Go Higher West Yorkshire we are committed to enhancing the lives of young people, helping them reach their true potential and allow them to experience new opportunities. To help achieve this, we have been involved in the Inner South Youth Committee Consultation to make sure that Higher Education was part of the conversation for young people.

We talked and listened to over 60 young people aged 11-18 and allowed them to be part of our commissioning process to understand the types of activities they want to see in their areas. On the day, young people had opportunities to try out ‘taster activity sessions’ within Digital, Health and Sciences and Construction. Ambassadors from Leeds City College gave coding tasters, focusing on building websites, whilst Leeds College of Building Ambassadors threw down the challenge of building the strongest tower out of matchsticks!  Finally, 6th formers from The Rodillian Academy who had been on the NCOP funded ‘Young Doctors programme’ skilfully helped young people suture a banana!

It was brilliant to see the talent and excitement expressed by young people who attended, and were particularly interested in understanding routes and options available to them. To finalise the day, young people also had the opportunity to speak to undergraduates from Leeds Trinity University.

We are delighted to be able to share information about Higher Education and what this can offer young people, being a realistic option for their future choices. The day was a huge success and we will continue to be part of the conversation and provision across South Leeds and wider city to help people start their journey into Higher Education.