LOAF Goal Setting & Study Skills Workshop

On Thursday 15th March, a selected group of Year 9 boys participated in a life skills and goal setting session with founder of LOAF Training, Gavin Scott. Gavin earned immediate respect from the boys due to his previous background as a professional referee, using examples from his past career to demonstrate important life skills such as confidence, overcoming adversity, maintaining focus and working hard. Gavin provided each student with their own goal setting sheet, focusing on their strengths, skills and areas to improve. Each student set a number of personal goals that they were aiming to achieve in the near future, using the SMART goal system to measure their progress. The boys were thoroughly engaged throughout the session, as levels of self-awareness and confidence began to grow as each student realised their own strengths and capabilities. It was encouraged for these students to apply the strengths to their education mind-set in order to succeed.

During the afternoon, Gavin delivered a revision/study skills workshop to the whole year group. This session focused on tools for memorisation and recall, such as ‘pegging’. Each student was provided with their own personal study skills tool kit, as Gavin encouraged them to take the most useful strategies and apply to their revision techniques. Students were very impressed when the workshop leader demonstrated his ability to recall each digit of the number pi without using any props. Gavin used a storytelling method to recall each digit via personal ‘pegging’. This appeared to motivate students to consider using similar tools in their own practice. It is hoped that students will now feel more confident when preparing for their exams.