Media Make Up taster session at Ravenscliffe Youth Centre


Every week, young people from the Ravenscliffe estate in Eccleshill, Bradford, go to the Ravenscliffe Youth Centre for an open access youth group where they take part in arts and crafts activities, sports and games. Following meetings with the Youth Worker at the Centre, the NCOP Outreach Officer from Bradford College met with a group of the young people in March to find out their interests and hobbies. Art and creative activities were high on the list, as well as beauty and make-up.

As a result of these meetings, Go Higher West Yorkshire organised a Media Make Up taster session at the centre on 8th May. Supported by an Alumni Ambassador from BA (Hons) Media Make Up and Special Effects from Bradford College, the NCOP Outreach Officer ran a workshop where the young people made chopped off fingers. If you’ve ever seen someone lose a hand or a finger on a TV show or a film, it will have been cast from a real person and created by a team of special effects artists. The young people had great fun mixing the alginate and making moulds of their own fingers, then creating and decorating their own silicone fingers with plenty of make-up and fake blood! They also got the opportunity to look over a portfolio of work by previous Media Make Up degree students and ask plenty of questions about doing a degree.