‘My Holmewood’ Photography Project – Centre TFD Bradford

Higher Education Progression Officer Katie Chetwood deliverd a Photography Project which aimed to raise aspirations for young people in the Holmewood area.

Prior to the project, learners from the Holmewood area in Bradford had expressed distaste about their neighbourhood: litter, fly-tipping, reputation and prejudice were all areas of concern.

‘My Holmewood’ was a three-day intensive project, devised, co-ordinated and run to counteract the low aspirations of the area; from feedback previously received, many of the young people in the area didn’t have the confidence to access Higher Education without ongoing external support. Previous events had highlighted misconceptions about Higher Education, especially in relation to finances, what is expected from applications and lack of knowledge about the amount of support given to young people with Learning Disabilities and Special Educational and  Disability Needs.

Therefore the context and desired outcome of the project, was:

  • To use a creative means to engage and inspire NCOP learners and to break down barriers to Higher Education.
  • To assess and look at the thoughts of Holmewood residents about their area prior to and then after the project, and evaluate impact on raising aspirations and changing opinions on accessing Higher Education.
  • To create a permanent exhibition within the community of which the learners can be proud, and to inspire others.
  • To create a book that will act as a legacy to the GHWY project for years to come, and aim to inspire other organisations to invest further in the community over the upcoming years and to help community members realise their full potential.
  • To boost self-confidence for the learners through an awards ceremony at the University of Bradford, celebrating their work whilst helping familiarise them with the Higher Education environment.


After the project, the participants all said that they looked at Holmewood with a fresh, more positive perspective. They also had a better and more positive opinion of Higher Education in general – as did some of the community members that we talked to during the process of the project. It opened up conversations about career options, finances, the education journey, and accessing Higher Education courses.


  • The project has helped young people think about Higher Education options whilst raising their confidence: one person attending the course was offered a conditional place at the University of Bradford as a result in taking part in the project.
  • Our NCOP also made good links with community members.

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