Navigating Clearing: A Webinar Recap for progression, careers and guidance practitioners

The University of Bradford recently hosted a webinar on the topic of clearing, aimed at providing support and guidance for individuals involved in the university admissions process. In collaboration with Go Higher West Yorkshire, the webinar covered various aspects of clearing, including preparation for results day, alternative pathways, and available support. This blog post summarises the key points discussed in the webinar, highlighting the learning aims and outcomes.

Learning aims:

1) Preparation for Results Day and Understanding Clearing: One of the main objectives of the webinar was to help participants prepare for results day and understand the clearing process. The speakers emphasised the importance of having a ‘Plan B’ and exploring alternative options. They provided insights on what happens on results day and the individual considerations given to students during the clearing process. Participants were encouraged to be prepared with necessary documents and to check university clearing pages for information.

2) Alternative Pathways and Options: The webinar aimed to inform participants about the various options available to students who may not have received their desired results. The speakers discussed alternative pathways such as gap years, resitting exams, access courses, and foundation years. They highlighted the value of access courses for students who may not have achieved the desired grades or who have changed their career goals. Participants were encouraged to research and explore different options to make the best decision for themselves.

 3) Support and Resources: The webinar stressed the availability of support and resources for individuals going through the clearing process. The speakers recommended useful resources such as UCAS, university websites, and guides for parents and carers. Participants were encouraged to seek help from schools, colleges, and universities, and to use the available advice and support. They also emphasised the support provided by university outreach and recruitment teams.

Outcomes: By the end of the webinar, participants gained a better understanding of the clearing process and were equipped with the necessary information to prepare for results day. They learned about alternative pathways and options available to students who didn’t achieve their desired results. Participants were reassured that universities value commitment and a proactive approach to finding the right path, even if it involves taking extra time or exploring alternative routes. They also received guidance on accessing support and resources throughout the clearing process.

Conclusion: The webinar organised by the University of Bradford and Go Higher West Yorkshire focused on clearing and aimed to provide valuable insights and guidance for individuals navigating the university admissions process. Participants learned about preparation for results day, alternative pathways, and available support and resources. By enhancing their understanding of the clearing process, participants were empowered to make informed decisions and explore different options. The webinar successfully achieved its learning aims and outcomes, ensuring that individuals involved in clearing are well-prepared and informed about their options and available support.

You can access this webinar and others on our website within our CPD area.