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Title: Out of a Conversation

St Agnes Parents Group: Burmantoffs

Sometimes it is as simple as a conversation, with the right person, that sparks an idea and starts to builds a strong relationship.

In June 2017, our Outreach Officers at Leeds College of Building and the Ward Lead Officer for Leeds met with the Reverend of St Agnes church, Burmantoffs, Leeds.  We discussed how NCOP has supported local communities, and how we could benefit this community, particularly as it is a target ward for the NCOP project.

From these initial conversations and a follow up with the Reverend, a parent’s group idea was formed.  The focus was to understand the barriers parents may have when considering Higher Education, and how NCOP and our partners can best support them to make sure they have the correct information to help support their young people navigate through Higher Education.

Parents were quick to outline how useful the sessions had been, and the group grew from a small focus group of 4 to a group of 30 which included young people who were keen to understand options available to them.

Moving forwards, NCOP will be working with its partners to create a bespoke programme of activity that reflects the wants and needs of this group, which includes activity around careers within medicine (branching beyond doctor as the sole destination), meeting ambassador representatives from their community within Higher Education, apprenticeships and other Higher Education routes and finance.  These will be delivered over 6 sessions throughout the next year of the project.

The feedback from the group has been incredibly positive, with parents and young people acknowledging that Higher Education is in fact attainable rather than an aspiration.


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