Outwood Academy Hemsworth Discovers the Art of Being Brilliant

It’s been a crazy start for Hemsworth students this year with activities taking place all the way across the year group, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing work of the Art of Being Brilliant.

The Art of Being Brilliant is based upon a book written by Andy Cope, about positivity and making difference in your own life. The students enjoyed the sessions and engaged with Errol the speaker afterwards. One member of staff said, “it’s good for the students to experience what it’s like to go through real hardship and come out of the other side with a positive outlook on life.”

Students were given an opportunity to interact with Errol after the sessions, asking questions around his background and also bringing some of their issues to him for advice and support. One student said, “it’s good to be around so positive about life even though he’s been through tough stuff.”

Errol also did a session with staff around how positivity can be contagious for them spread across their job and with the students, using a top down approach. Safe to say by the time Errol had left, we all felt ready to conquer the months ahead.

A massive thank you to Errol Lawson and the Art of Being Brillant for a fantastic day.


Kebba Jenkins, Higher Education Progression Officer Outwood, Academy Hemsworth