Podcast: Navigating Clearing, Expert Tips for Success

Clearing can be a stressful process for students, but with the right guidance, it can be a smooth journey towards securing a place at your desired university or college. In this podcast episode, experts provide valuable insights and practical tips for navigating the clearing process successfully.

1. Do your research: Before results day, take the time to research and identify the universities or colleges you want to contact. Gather all the necessary information you might need for the call, such as your UCAS number, personal statement, and exam results.

2. Stay calm and confident: Remember that universities want to fill their empty spaces. Focus on showcasing your strengths and what you can offer instead of dwelling on what you didn’t achieve. Prepare questions about the course or institution to show your interest during the call.

3. Embrace university and college support: Universities and colleges have helpful staff trained to assist you in the clearing process. Take advantage of their support and ask any questions you may have. Remember, they want you to succeed.

4. Consider all options: If you don’t receive an offer from your preferred choice, don’t worry. Contact other institutions on your list and explore different options, such as a gap year or apprenticeships, if necessary. Seek advice from tutors and career advisors to make an informed decision.

5. Take notes and think it through: Have a working pen and take time to think and speak to different institutions before making a decision. Avoid rushing your choice and consider all factors before confirming your place.

By following these expert tips, you can approach clearing with confidence, knowing that you have the necessary tools to secure a place at your dream university or college. Embrace the process, seek support, and make the best decision for your future.

From Wednesday 5 July you will be able to apply through Clearing if you have your exam results.

Clearing is your opportunity to find the right higher education institution for you. This could be because your results are not what you expected, you decide to apply after the UCAS deadlines, or you’ve changed your mind about what you want to study.

Tune into our podcast which provides valuable insights into the clearing process and promotes it as a beneficial and empowering way for students to shape their higher education journey.

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