Pontefract New College: Thoughts on MyTutor

Well, 2020 will certainly be a year to remember! While we battle with all the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, online tutoring has helped some of our students to breakdown a number of invisible barriers to their online learning experiences, and raise their hopes for the future.

Go Higher West Yorkshire has funded some online subject tutoring using MyTutor, which will increase student chances of more positive outcomes and to provide opportunities to explore HE with a current undergraduate student.

In the past, New College Pontefract students have accessed MyTutor, which has proved to be successful in positive student feedback and their grade improvements. We were in no doubt that MyTutor would be the right choice to support student learning during lockdown virtual learning.

Here are some comments that students have offered up about their MyTutor experiences:

  1. The sessions are really useful. Found it better than distanced learning because I could ask questions and get my head around the problems a bit better.
  2. I’ve been really struggling, getting fed-up of the work, but having MyTutor has made me feel more confident. Thank you!

Jane Rolfe, Higher Education Progression Officer at Pontefract New College