Steve Way inspires Airedale Academy students with creative writing workshop

Students of Airedale Academy were excited to meet published author Steve Way for a day filled with creative writing. Author of STEM-based fiction writing and the ‘How to Write Creatively’ manuals, Steve conducted a writing masterclass with Year 9 and 10 students, encouraging them to consider writing and reading as a future opportunity to study and career ideas. The students asked lots of questions about a day in the life of a writer and were thrilled to hear about this career path that isn’t usually so accessible to young people.  All students commented on how friendly and approachable Steve was and they felt at ease asking him questions and for feedback on their writing. The event showed the students that writing doesn’t have to just be stories, and that science and mathematics can also feature in creative writing.

After spending time in deep discussion with Steve, the students got down to some writing of their own which they felt was like “nothing they’ve ever done in school” and was a “great experience” that allowed them to “open their minds to another way of being creative” across a range of topics and subject areas.

The students left the session feeling “filled with inspiration and motivation” about their futures in writing.  Their only complaint?  They wanted it to be longer!

We have made a great link with Steve on the back of this masterclass and he is now offering us some Skype sessions to follow up with the students whose work he read.