Student spotlight: a session with Lauren Brown, University of Huddersfield

Student Life from a commuter’s perspective

Applying to University is the first big step towards a new and exciting adventure. Amongst all the excitement and anticipation as you wait to hear back from your chosen universities, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed too! It can be nerve-wrecking deciding on which University to apply to, and which course you want to study for 3 whole years (!), but it’s important that you make the best decision for you!

I decided to commute to University because I knew it was the right decision for me at that point in my life, but during the summer before starting University I worried about the choice I had made. Fellow students told me I would be missing out on ‘student life’ and I was really concerned about feeling isolated or left out. However, this really wasn’t the case! I’m in my final year of University now and I haven’t once regretted my decision. There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both living at home and moving out, but I knew that the best way to ensure I didn’t miss out on the social aspects of University was to get myself involved in as much as I possibly could!

Before my course even began I made the effort to find other course members on Facebook so I knew a few familiar faces on my first day. We created a group chat which we still use now, often to discuss our upcoming assignments and course events! I also stumbled across a Huddersfield University Commuters Facebook page and a group of us commuters decided to all meet up at the Freshers’ events- most people from accommodation were attending Freshers’ with flatmates so this gave us the opportunity to make friends and meet new people too.

Throughout my time at University I have attended and become involved in as many events as I could, which meant I never felt isolated from the social side of University and I met a ton of new friends along the way. I attended course trips, events/socials organised by the Students Union, Freshers’ events and I also joined the Student Ambassador Scheme.

Living at home meant that financially I was in quite a stable position. However, I still worried slightly about funding course materials, social events, etc. and so I decided to get a part time job as a Student Ambassador. This has been one of the greatest opportunities to meet so many friendly new people! The money that I have saved from living at home and working has helped me be able to fund my driving lessons and soon a car!

Overall, choosing and applying to University can be daunting because there are so many big decisions to make, but the three years that follow will be so rewarding! It’s important to try find the best work and social balance during your studies, so that you can have the best time of your life and still achieve an amazing degree! Best of luck!