Student spotlight: a session with Matthew Goring, University of Huddersfield

When people say that university is the best years of your life I didn’t really believe them, but now being here in my fourth and final year, I can honestly say I would love to do it all again!

I grew up in a small village where I knew everybody and everybody knew you. I then progressed through my education career with largely the same group of people right up until Year 13. Whether you stay at home or move away, I don’t think anyone can honestly say that the concept of university is not slightly nerve-wracking- it’s a new place, its new people and it’s a completely different routine.

But do not worry! There are lots of things you can get involved with the make the transition easier.

If you have not heard of Freshers’ Week then basically it is the first week of university each year before all of your lessons start where the whole idea is to have a great time and make loads of new friends. There are activities for everyone no matter what you are interested in, such as comedy shows, tea parties and nights out. It’s such a good week that I still pretend I’m a first year and this year I did my fourth Freshers’ Week! So if you have any concerns about meeting new people then relax- the people I bumped into and had a coffee with in my first week back in 2015 are now some of my closest and best friends!

After Freshers’, lessons will begin. These are likely to be slightly different to the classes you’re used to in the fact you might have over 60 people in your lecture who will be from all over the country and the world! Don’t be fooled too much by the smaller 15 hour timetables, as university is all about independent learning, which is a term that you will soon become familiar with! Top tip: don’t use ‘independent learning’ as an excuse to leave your assignment until the deadline, being in the library at 3am on a Sunday morning is not fun. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Independence is definitely one of the brilliant things about university, however this will include cooking, cleaning and washing so get some practice in before you move away. Your accommodation is also a great place to meet new people, so buy yourself a door stop, prop your door open, invite your flatmates in for a chat and within a matter of hours you will be sharing a meal together!

University is a brilliant chance to study what you want to do, gain independence create so many amazing memories while shaping your own future!

Good luck with everything!

Matthew Goring, Student at University of Huddersfield