Support available for care-experienced young people

As 2023 gets underway, we wanted to focus on some good news for care-experienced young people and foster carers. There are some great steps forward being made in different areas and some fantastic resources that we wanted to spread awareness of to kickstart your new year with a bout of positivity! 

First off, we wanted to mention the John Lewis Christmas advert for 2022. It’s a really moving thing to see the positive sides of care experience in the media and for such a big company to be sending that message is fantastic. Luckily for all involved it’s even more than a message: John Lewis has a Happier Futures programme of outreach to support care-experienced young people and their supporters to make informed choices about their education progression opportunities. We are thrilled at the opportunities available.   

Next is the Unite Foundation Scholarship for care-experienced students. For the chosen applicants the scholarship funds accommodation and bills covered for up to three years of study and even through the holidays.  

Lastly for now is the Max Card, a discount card for looked after children and those with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities). It has hundreds of discounts available including museums, activity centres, cinemas, pottery and loads more! These can often be provided by local authorities or charities to help provide some great experiences to care-experienced young people and their supporters.  

With so many great forms of support across the country we are proud to also be doing what we can to help those in care. With the whole year ahead it’s looking really positive all around.

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Dominic House, GHWY Care to Go Higher Delivery Officer