Talentino! transform students into Career Ambassadors

Fourteen students from Minsthorpe Community College recently undertook an intensive two-day training course from ‘Talentino!’, a careers company specialising in the development of young people’s early careers. The students, all in Year 9, engaged in a range of activities that culminated in being awarded the title of ‘Career Ambassador’. Being a Career Ambassador will involve taking part in a Parent Event during the year, being part of the Year 6 Buddy Programme and helping the new Year 7 cohort in their Learning 4 Life lessons, where they will assist other students with researching and developing their career ideas.

It is hoped that the experience will help the young people involved to discover their core interests and passions, explore the wide range of career options available to them, and ultimately leave school with the necessary skills and plans to move forward onto the next step towards their ideal career.

During the two days, students learned about the different ways of studying at degree level, including foundation degrees, BTEC First Degrees and Higher Level Apprenticeships, as well as exploring the real benefits and costs of moving on to Higher Education. They undertook a module based around coaching skills for peer to peer coaching, where students learned about asking open questions, active listening and rapport building. To aid them with their training, each student received their own resource kit which included guidance on jobs and career areas, a Trotman’s Career Annual, a Heap Degree Reference book and more.

The sessions were a huge success, with one student saying, “Personally, I really enjoyed my training with Jenny. It taught me how to properly coach someone and how to create a friendly, welcoming and safe environment. I also enjoyed how the training day was set up and the activities that took place as it built everyone’s confidence and we all progressed from our comfort zone to at least the stretch zone and for some of us the panic zone!”