Unleashing musical talent: You Bring the Band 

An electrifying series of music workshops were hosted at Appleton Academy that delved into the captivating world of music production and performance. With 25 eager students in attendance, the atmosphere at the Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) organised event was buzzing with creative energy. 

This immersive one-day experience offered students the opportunity to explore various aspects of music, from songwriting to instrument performance and music production. Divided into different groups, each cohort embarked on a musical journey aimed at crafting their very own MP3 track to take home as a proud memento of their talent and creativity. 

The workshops, which were delivered by You Bring The Band, were linked to future career prospects within the creative arts. Facilitated by a tutor for a BTEC Music Production course, the sessions served as a glimpse into the possibilities awaiting our students beyond secondary education. 

For our younger learners in Years 8 and 9, the day was filled with the sounds of guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, vocals (complete with karaoke-style performances), and even a pitchshifter. Meanwhile, our learners in Years 10 and 11 delved into the world of music production, flexing their creative muscles to produce their own compelling MP3 tracks. 

The feedback from both our workshop facilitator and our students was overwhelmingly positive. You Bring The Band’s Director Chris expressed delight at the opportunity to engage with our vibrant student body, commending their enthusiasm and talent. Meanwhile, our students could not contain their excitement, summing up their experience with a resounding, “It was ace!” 

I would echo these sentiments, with the workshops being one of the standout activities I have been involved in as a GHWY Progression Officer. From witnessing the impressive musical abilities of our students to seeing their MP3 tracks come to life in just 45 minutes, the experience left a lasting impression on both students and staff alike.  

The workshops inspired a newfound passion for music in some of our learners. They also opened doors to exciting career pathways and further or higher education opportunities in the realm of the creative arts. 


James Davidson, GHWY Progression Officer, Appleton Academy