Wakefield College students enjoy Construction day at Sheffield Hallam University

Level 3 Year 1 Construction students enjoyed an interactive taster session at Sheffield Hallam University this term.  Before we started the day, students were asked, ‘Do you want to go to university/study after completion of level 3?’  7 out of 25 students answered YES!

The day started off with an insight to the careers that were available within the Construction industry and particularly those that need to have a higher-level qualification.

We then went into a session related to Architecture and Architecture Technologies where students had to imagine a place then design a building that would complement the environment and have real purpose. This was a visualisation session that students fully engaged with, allowing the lecturers to discuss with individual students their own thought process which linked directly to one of the two careers that had been discussed previously.

Our second session was from Quantity Surveying and Building Management. Students had to work as a team to produce a two-roomed building that could hold 10 pounds when the internal dividing wall was removed. Students had to fully cost the build and wherever possible stick to the budget. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts all teams were over budget. Two of the three teams were successful in their structuring being strong enough to support the weight, however one had a slightly sagging roof!

Before we started our final session, we learnt about Real Estate. Students were fascinated to learn that the Gherkin in London cost £500million to build and is now worth £2billion- what does that even look like?  Our final session was from Construction Project and Management.  Student had to work in teams to produce four types of bridges using the materials given. They learnt about team work, importance of keystones, counter balance and tension.  Students had to cost the different builds and analysis which one they would choice and why.

Just before we left, we even got to meet an ex-Wakefield College student who is now a head lecturer…. talk about inspirational!

That concluded our interactive and enjoyable day.  On completion the students were asked, ‘Do you intend to get a higher education?’

All students had something to say!

‘I enjoyed the trip to SHU, I think it was fun and helped me to decide that I will likely go to university after college and aim to get a good degree.’ – Dominic

‘I personally feel like I found out more about the construction overall as I haven’t ever heard of architectural technologies, which is something I would like to look into.’ – Cameron

‘After visiting the university, I have now decided that going to university would be an option as before I did not think this, it helped me decide that I still want to go into management.  I would like to see more things that would take place on this course.’

In brief, from the 25 students that attend 21 of them said they would now consider university as their option after Level 3. What a great success!