Welcome back from GHWY’s manager

Welcome back to the new academic year – all of us at GHWY hope you had a lovely break over the summer and are starting the new term feeling refreshed. 

It’s been good to see those who’ve been able to attend the first Go Higher Skills Group (GHSG) and Access and Participation Strategy Group (APSG) meetings of the year. 

The GHSG passes on a fond farewell to Zulakha Desai who had just taken over as Chair of the group before accepting a new position at a college outside West Yorkshire. The position of Chair will therefore be filled on a rotational basis.  

During 2021/22 the GHSG will focus on greater engagement from employers with higher education, and HE providers leading by example through their own inclusive recruitment practices. It is hoped this will encourage local employers to consider taking on a more diverse workforce.  

The APSG welcomes Claire Pryke as incoming Chair. The focus of the group during 2021/22 will be getting the ‘underrepresented groups’ activity off the ground and building evidence towards the Framework approach to supporting those from underrepresented background get access to and succeed in our institutions. 

As we look forward to the new academic year, there will continue to be sector and local challenges which arise due to circumstance as well as changes in the policy environment. As HE providers, many of these will be more effectively addressed if we do so together or alongside each other. 


Helen Sykes, GHWY Manager