Year 10 students at Bradford Academy build their employability skills with PUSH Talks

On Thursday 14th November, Year 10 students engaged in 4 employability skills workshops delivered by the talented and comedic PUSH Talks presenters.

Workshop topics ranged from soft/hard skills, communication and interview skills, confidence building and how to be a well-rounded individual.

Bradford Academy students fully immersed themselves in the drama led Confidence Building workshop which saw them act out the different tiers of confidence using a variety of body language techniques. A year 10 student commented, ‘The most enjoyable part of today was being able to develop my confidence and have the opportunity to present in groups’. Upon reflection of the day another student commented ‘I have developed knowledge on how to speak with authority and walk with confidence using positive body language’.

The CV writing skills workshop was another favourite with students also praising the presenters Ibz, Lorna, Stephen and Aron, ‘The presenters were confident and knew what they were doing…I feel more confident about what to include in my CV’.

Furthermore, at the end of the day 70% of students felt the day positively improved their employability skills with most agreeing that the sessions made them consider their future career paths and how to achieve them.

Finally, feedback from Form Tutors was very positive with one commenting, “The sessions were delivered professionally and majority of the students enjoyed the sessions.”

Farhana Mulla, HEPO at Bradford Academy