Year 10 Students from Cockburn John Charles Academy delve deep into different faiths!

Where: Leeds Minster and Makkah Mosque in Leeds

When: 21/01/2018

Time: 09:00-15:00

NCOP facilitated Year 10 RE students from Cockburn John Charles  to go on an ‘Exploring Faiths’ trip, to assist in raising attainment and increasing knowledge of the different faiths of their city and places of worship, both of which are crucial to success in their GCSE RE paper.

The day began with the students attending the impressive Leeds Minster to learn about the Christian faith. They had a number of informative sessions whilst taking in the breath-taking historical building, which included information about the Eucharist, Baptism, Prayer and the Bible. The morning was full of local history and links to Leeds Minister’s civic importance in the city which they live.

In the afternoon the students were treated to intimate access to Makkah mosque in Hyde Park to learn about the Islamic faith. The beatifically hand decorated, purpose built mosque provided a wonderfully calm environment to learn about the foundations of the Islamic faith. The students were lucky enough to observe the Ahdan (the Islamic call to prayer) and worshippers in Salat (ritual prayer).  They learnt about the religious acts of Islam, Monotheism, Pilgrimage, Prayer, Fasting and the Quran, in the most informative environment to do so.

The students were engaged and inquisitive on this unique day of learning and RE teacher Saimah Laher noted,

The 2 faiths trip was a very successful and eventful trip. Students learnt about many aspects  from both Christianity and Islam. The knowledge and information they have gained from the trip will aid and assist them in answering exam questions for their GCSE RE paper”.