Graduate Beth praises Huddersfield’s support for care experienced students

One University of Huddersfield graduate has even more reasons to celebrate after receiving her Mental Health Nursing degree in November’s graduation week.

Beth Smith has achieved a first, but as a care experienced student who lived in foster care for much of her teens after her parents passed away, the context of her accomplishment is even more remarkable.

And it was the support of the University’s Wellbeing team that 22-year-old Beth says helped her through the daunting prospect of her three years at Huddersfield.

“The support from the Wellbeing team was so good for me, from the grief counselling to sorting out the bursaries, helping me manage the money side,” says Beth. “I really looked forward to going into the office to see everyone, Rebecca Hayes and the team are so genuine and cheerful. I knew they were in my corner and really cared about me.”

As if the challenges of going to university after being in foster care were not enough, Beth also had to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic especially during the early stages of her studies.

“It was difficult because of Covid having started in September 2020, especially the first year due because of lockdowns and placements being cancelled. We had to make the placement hours up later on, but I really enjoyed the course,” adds Beth, who is planning to work and travel overseas for a while.

“I met some amazing people, my tutors were incredible and the placements helped me develop more than I could have imagined. It was hard graft, but I enjoyed it.”

If you would like more details about the support available for care experienced students at the University of Huddersfield, please contact Rebecca Hayes


Article reproduced with thanks to University of Huddersfield