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Session 1.  –Keynote Speaker

A fun and engaging presentation from Hywel Roberts

“At the heart of the world’s best teaching you’ll find one admittedly made-up word -botheredness.”
Originally a drama teacher cutting his teeth in some of the North of England’s most demanding school environments – including special schools and PRUs – Hywel shows how to bring the learning to life for even the most disaffected children and young people.  Tapping into children’s innate curiosity and willingness to suspend disbelief in the company of an engaging adult, Hywel shows teachers how to breathe life into the curriculum in a way that has children learning and eager for more, despite their best intentions.

Join Hywel as he delivers his keynote speech about the joy and magic of education and learning!


Session 2

An introduction to HE with an Education Focus

Consolidation Activity –Kahoot Quiz


Session 3  

Early Years at Calderdale College University Centre

Introduction to the course at Calderdale College with insights from students that are currently studying this course.

Learn how to make your own playdoh! One of the most important skills you need if you want to work in early Years Education.

This session could be done together in class together or at home as an extra curricular Activity

(recipes list and risk assessment will be provided)

We encourage students to send in pictures of their playdoh and complete consolidation activity.


Session 4

Leeds Beckett University

Childhood Development & Playwork – Course Introduction

In this talk, Ali breaks down the Playwork and Childhood Development Course at Leeds Beckett University and explains the skills required to become an effective playworker. She also discusses the different work settings a degree in Playwork and Childhood Development can lead to: these include in education, hospitals and prisons to name a few…

Find out more about this degree and how you’ll learn through the lens of children’s play!

Defining Play
Are you interested in how children develop and learn? Have you heard about Playwork before? What is Playwork and what are the benefits of play in society?

What does “play” mean to you and how can we define it? Everyone sees play differently and there are many different viewpoints on it. In this short talk, Ali (Leeds Beckett University) explains how we can all value play, from healthcare workers, to educational workers, to community workers: Play it affects us all.


Session 5

Primary Education at Leeds Trinity University

• Students will learn about the different Education options available at Leeds Trinity: Early Years, Later Years, PGCEs.
• Students will identify the skills and attributes necessary to be a ‘good teacher’.
• Students will develop a basic plan for their own educational journey, reflecting on personal goals at each step.


Delivery guidance

  • There are a range of activities of different delivery styles and durations that can be mixed and matched to create a session that suits your needs
  • Before using any of these resources with your students, please encourage them to complete the pre-event evaluation form for this taster ‘event’
  • We would advise that you check each of the sessions that you plan to use in advance to check if you need resources e.g. Play doh recipe
  • We would recommend using a mixture of pre-recorded content, interactive activities and printable resources (where possible) to keep sessions as engaging as possible
  • After using these resources with your students, please encourage them to complete the post-event evaluation form for this taster ‘event’